Nemeis and the Vault of Lost Time – Now Available for Pre-Order

Phil Davis

The time has finally arrived. From now until March 17th, 2024 you can pre-order the ebook version of Nemesis and the Vault of Lost Time for just 99 cents. If you are an ebook reader, or have a Kindle account, be sure to get on the list. And in case you’re wondering just what the book is all about, here’s a little synopsis…

“…it’s hard to prove the world’s most important substance is missing when no one knows it’s gone.”

“Substance? What substance?” asks thirteen-year-old Max Kellerman. “Why time itself!” exclaims the strange professor who Max meets in the back of his uncle’s bookstore. In fact, he says, time is being sucked out of every living person by invisible thieves and stored away in a deep, dark netherworld.

Could the professor possibly be right… or just plain crazy?

It depends on whether Max can unravel the mysterious clues in the tattered manuscript the professor leaves behind. With the help of his best friends Derek and Samantha, Max begins a quest to find this dark realm and to discover its hidden secrets. But with the time clock ticking and the professor gone missing, Max uncovers a truth he never thought possible.

Max must unravel the mysteries of Nemesis to save not just his world, but the very fabric of time itself.

The last of the illustrations are also complete and the talented Mr. Thomas Peacock is to thank. If you enjoy middle grade fiction, or know that special someone who does, be sure to sign up now.